Bump version to trigger GNU ELPA package rebuild

This is in light of commit c922ab4.
Require subr-x at compile time

This is necessary for older versions of Emacs to make 'when-let'

Thanks to Mehdi Khawari for reporting the problem and Nicholas Vollmer
for suggesting this change.  The exchange took place in issue 1 on the
GitHub mirror: <https://github.com/protesilaos/cursory/issues/1>.
Add missing metadata to certain headings
Fix typo in gitignore
Update to version 1.0.0
Update the docs to reflect commit 88820a7
Make presets optionally inherit from another; refactor code
Add README.md file
Update copyright years
Use correct texinfo description in the manual
Add missing property drawers to CHANGELOG.org
Update package Commentary
Update links to package sources
Add cursory-presets :blink-cursor-mode property
Speficy cursory-presets :package-version
Speficy cursory-latest-state-file :package-version
Add info link to cursory defgroup
Implement fallback value for cursory-presets
Refine default value of prompt

Use the previous one from the history, if available.