Document cursory-set-preset-hook in cursory-set-preset command
Add cursory-set-preset-hook
Bump version to trigger GNU ELPA package rebuild

This is in light of commit c922ab4.
Require subr-x at compile time

This is necessary for older versions of Emacs to make 'when-let'

Thanks to Mehdi Khawari for reporting the problem and Nicholas Vollmer
for suggesting this change.  The exchange took place in issue 1 on the
GitHub mirror: <https://github.com/protesilaos/cursory/issues/1>.
Add missing metadata to certain headings
Update the docs to reflect commit 88820a7
Make presets optionally inherit from another; refactor code
Use correct texinfo description in the manual
Add missing property drawers to CHANGELOG.org
Update package Commentary
Update links to package sources
Add cursory-presets :blink-cursor-mode property
Speficy cursory-presets :package-version
Speficy cursory-latest-state-file :package-version
Add info link to cursory defgroup