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At what point does a tinkerer become a programmer, provided no formal background in the latter?


Simple notes for Emacs with an efficient file-naming scheme (we are close to the first stable release)


Configuration files for Emacs and some other programs. Running on Arch Linux. Managed with GNU Stow.


Elegant, highly accessible themes for GNU Emacs, conforming with the highest standard for colour contrast between background and foreground values (WCAG AAA).


Custom build of Iosevka with different style and metrics than the default.


A simple "focus mode" for Emacs which can be applied to any buffer for reading, writing, or even doing a presentation.


Set Emacs font configurations using presets


Lin is a stylistic enhancement for Emacs’ built-in hl-line-mode. It remaps the hl-line face (or equivalent) buffer-locally to a style that is optimal for major modes where line selection is the primary mode of interaction.


Emacs package to set timers using a convenient notation


Emacs package to pulse the current line after running select functions.


Manage Emacs cursor styles using presets


Enhancements for the default minibuffer completion UI of Emacs.


Modified version of the "Hack" typeface, using alternative glyphs.