Personal Tools for Perma (me)
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Let's break it down, shall we?

The gist is to tidy up the script chaos by replacing a bunch of convoluted scripts with neat commands. Forget about scripts like new-journal-entry.sh—now we have sleek binary commands like prmait journal new and friends.


Here's the scoop:

  1. I'm ditching the shell script mayhem in favor of writing my long-term scripts in my go-to language. Goodbye, shell scripting chaos!
  2. Libraries are my new best friends. No more juggling different binary programs; now I lean on a serialization library embedded in my binary.
  3. Packaging just got a facelift. Instead of dealing with a million packaging codes for each script, I package my code once and call it a day.
  4. LSP (Language Server Protocol) makes life a lot easier.

#Bloated much?

Not at all! This package is my personal playground. Everything in it serves a purpose, handcrafted to fit my exact needs—no more, no less.

#Why share it if it's just for you?

For the thrill of it. I believe many devs think shell scripting is the only way to go.

Not in my world.

By ignoring the masses, embracing hard-coded elements, and focusing on my own needs, I've found myself cruising at warp speed. Even in Rust (my go-to), I'm way more productive than wrestling with bash for anything beyond 10 lines of code.