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t is an minimalistic tool to take notes.


Instead of using a web editor or some native app that under the hood is a web page, or even a fully bloated app to take your notes and store it on someone elses server with their proprietary software and APIs we choose to use something way more simple, a combination of two very well documented, free and trusted tools: git and markdown.


t is designed to be completely simple and out of your way. Especially when taking notes, sometimes all you want is somewhere to drop a bunch of thoughts.

When writing a note, t will open your EDITOR (we recommend vim). As soon that you write all you need and quit the app, t will push your note to the configured git server. That's it.


t is POSIX compliant, meaning that it uses a letter to handle it's actions.

  • l will list your notes by it's modification date
  • c will create a new note using the current date. You can supply a title in quoted strings
  • e will edit a note, by default it will edit the last one. You can supply a position of the index you want to edit.

You can check the man page man t if you need any help.


The plain, good and old git-way of contributing.

The only dependency is go, which you can install trough your package manager (apk on Alpine, pacman on Arch, apt on Debian-based etc). After that, you can use make get to fetch all dependencies and start hacking!

Send me your patches to my email at pedrolucasporcellis@gmail.com

(Remember to use plain text)!


There's a lot of things I want to implement on t, heres some of them:

  • Add a improved visualization when displaying notes
  • Delete a note
  • Make setup through t (t init and create the repository, etc).
  • Add PGP support on notes
  • Allow editing by title of note


GNU GPL v3 License. Check LICENSE.