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t is an minimalistic tool to take notes.


Instead of using a web editor or something like an web editor, or an fully bloated app to take your notes and store them on someone's server with their proprietary software and APIs we choose to use something way more simple, a combination of bunch of very well documented and trusted tools, git and markdown.


t is designed to be completely simple and out of your way. Especially when taking notes, sometimes all you want is somewhere to drop a bunch of thoughts.

When writing a note, t will open your EDITOR (we recommend vim). As soon that you write all you need and quit the app, t will push your note to the configured git server. That's it.


t uses a word to handle it's actions.

  • l will list your notes by it's modification date
  • c will create a new note using the current date. You can supply a title
  • e will edit a note, by default it will edit the last one. You can supply an number to be the index.

You can check the man page man t


Send me an email at pedrolucasporcellis@gmail.com


GNU GPL v3 License