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Generate a simple and nice doc
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M Makefile
A docs/t.1
M Makefile => Makefile +4 -1
@@ 8,6 8,9 @@ all: t
		mkdir -p $(dir $(PKGPATH))
		ln -fTrs $(realpath .) $(PKGPATH)

	gzip -c docs/t.1 > docs/t.1.gz

t: .go
	env GOPATH=$(GOPATH) go build -o $@ ./main.go

@@ 18,4 21,4 @@ clean:
	rm -rf t

	t get clean
	t get clean doc

A docs/t.1 => docs/t.1 +37 -0
@@ 0,0 1,37 @@
.TH t 1
t \- manage your notes
.B t
[\fB\-c\fR \f\\'Title of your note'\fR]
[\fB\-e\fR \f\index\fR]

.B t
a simple utility to manage your notes using Markdown


.B \-l 
List all notes created by the modification date

.BR \fB\-c\fR \ 'Title\ of\ your\ note'
Create a new note using the title you specified or
generate one using the current time

.BR \-e \ \f\index\fR
Edit a note fetching by it's index where zero it's 
the most recent note


t is licensed under GNU GPL v3. You can get yourself a copy on LICENSE file.


t is an free and open source project. It's being maintained by Pedro Lucas Porcellis <pedrolucasporcellis@gmail.com>
and hosted on https://git.sr.ht/~porcellis/t.