040d0d71 — terrorbyte 6 days ago master
unad: fixed order of file opening (trunc kills the config)
c23c420d — poptart 15 days ago
Added some more README entries
ddb77935 — poptart 15 days ago
Added nmapmerge for merging nmap XML

Still missing quite a bit, but this is a useful v0
9ecd10de — terrorbyte a month ago
Added uts. Simple unix timestamp converter
e18c5f54 — terrorbyte 2 months ago
Added force option
66e48464 — terrorbyte 2 months ago
Updated to remove comments
6f9f0095 — terrorbyte 2 months ago adblock
Added adblock unbound script
9b397cb5 — poptart 2 months ago
Some more cleanup, a couple of nmap runner bugs
2f90dce5 — poptart 2 months ago
Added thread pools
44682fb8 — poptart 2 months ago
Added some nmasscan checks for no args / cleanup
ec8ef1bc — poptart 2 months ago
Updated nmasscan to actually take args and stuff

Now it should actually be a bit more predictable
718361cc — poptart 3 months ago
Updated and fixed the go module
afeb37a5 — poptart 3 months ago
Updated to use go mod
6000d465 — poptart 3 months ago
Static compile all tools for different archs code
Fix package paths
16ec6d40 — poptart 3 months ago
Merge branch 'scan'
7db28118 — poptart 3 months ago scan
Added the mangle script basic bit. No command yet
3dbaeb4c — poptart 3 months ago
Int instead of string
f8d58a41 — poptart 3 months ago
Added CSV output
74ddbdf9 — poptart 3 months ago
Added simple top ports generator from nmap
7b144fcf — terrorbyte 3 months ago
accidentlied part of the readme