Added nvim config
6114f17e — poptart 10 months ago
Added some shell scripts that I use often
7f3d44cf — poptart 10 months ago
Updated nmap to work with new fixes
1efb6a3a — poptart 11 months ago
Clean up errors
558b1b55 — poptart 11 months ago
Updated some error checking and fixed up some docs

Terminal handling was working but wasn't fully error checking. Removes
some of the easy TODOs
f7d3dfea — poptart 11 months ago
Finally found a fix using the Go x/term package

No more `reset`
0fe9fac1 — poptart 11 months ago
Fix up mangle
Updated deps and census
Uploaded old scripts for census data
Merge branch 'master' of git.sr.ht:~poptart/x
Updated to use autoheader ID
unad: fixed order of file opening (trunc kills the config)
Added some more README entries
Added nmapmerge for merging nmap XML

Still missing quite a bit, but this is a useful v0
Added uts. Simple unix timestamp converter
Added force option
Updated to remove comments
Added adblock unbound script
Some more cleanup, a couple of nmap runner bugs
Added thread pools