Experimental projects
c4dc4a5c — Cale Black 7 days ago
Added hosts only
Basic hash merge from hashcat
Move census to use random user-agent and add merging of first and last


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#X: Experimental

A collection of my internally used experimental scripts, code, and libraries. There be no guarantees here as this is a scratch zone.



  • cmd/hosakahashi/ - HTML generator pipeline for slides from Suckless sent format
  • cmd/mngl/ - Username list mangler. Turns lists of names into password spraying lists
  • cmd/nmapmerge/ - Merge nmap XML files
  • cmd/nmasscan/ - A simple tool that runs masscan and then automagically parses the binary output and then feeds that into nmap in order to get the best of both worlds for scanning.
  • cmd/progeny/ - Dummy project generator using NLP
  • cmd/topports/ - Simple cli for sorting the nmap services files
  • cmd/ua/ - Tool to manage latest user agent strings
  • cmd/unad/ - Turns adblock lists into unbound(1) configuration files. cron safe. (rage against Pi Holes)
  • cmd/uts/ - Converts unix timestamps into readable strings


  • ua/ - Automating gathering of latest User-Agent strings
  • masscan/ - Masscan Go library focused on dealing with the masscan binary format output