bf41841e — terrorbyte 3 years ago master
Added some ergonomics fixes
605a9f7e — cblack 3 years ago
Updated readme with emoji info
e14eb516 — cblack 3 years ago
Added emoji command

This can be used to list information about slack emoji and has a flag
for outputing a count per user. Need to revist output and file output as
I think it might be broken
4bf194d3 — poptart 4 years ago
Fixed some user docs and moved the cmd to build into a directory called smack so it inherits its name
8be0213d — poptart 4 years ago
Forgot to add an example config and fixed the go import
1a823997 — poptart 4 years ago
Fixed stricter markdown rendering
58fd91fe — poptart 4 years ago
Added license and fixed stricter markdown rendering
38faba75 — poptart 4 years ago
Fixed formatting for markdown
b10e83af — terrorbyte 4 years ago
Initial commit for public conusmption