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@@ 54,6 54,9 @@ Globally used flags:
                   in the source "examples/config.json". Flags should
                   override settings in configuation.
Command specific flags:
   emoji: Retrieves information about emojis
      -o: output file
      -s: per user stats
   files: Retrieves all files on a Slack server
      -n: Do not download the documents only retrieve their information
      -q query: query is used for Slack search. Currently all built in

@@ 93,6 96,7 @@ Subcommands:
* messages - Download all the messages matching a query
* channels - List all channels on a server
* check - Test a configuration and get client information
* emoji - Get information and lists of emoji

1. Steal a users token and cookies
2. Generate a configuration file using `examples/config.json` as a template (NOTE: some API's might need different arguments. Generally URL, Token, and B cookie are needed)