Added objdump
Added first asm1 objdump
Added blog post figure output
Updated some utilities
Updated documentation for asm5
Added some trash scripts to try and speed up instruction lookups
Updated documentation, added a few fixes to make files
Added attrocious inline single instruction generator for quickly checking instruction format in CPU order
Fix my own damn tables
No nulls!
Updated asm8 with more NULL removal
Committing the fix for ecall NULL bytes before it escapes me, essentially the solution is to push an ecall and ret onto the stack and then jalr the location of the stack. This does require executable stack
Began the reverse shell port to RV64G w/o "C"
Added "C" extension examples and fixed the "G" only examples
I'm an idiot. I was using compressed instructions the whole time
Continue writing the documentation portions
Added better docs for asm2 and more detail
Reformatting galore
Cleaned up a mistake about PC vs SP. Added example cpuinfo
I added some documentation yo
Updated some comments and notes from Rob