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A set of shell scripts for configuring multiple kinds of common PKI systems in a functional manner. Currently the config supports:

  • SSL/TLS via the openssl(1) command
  • SSH via OpenSSH > 8.0

The goals are to attempt to shorten the nightmare of remember a ton of PKI commands and to encourage secure defaults. New versions never have guarentees about compatability.


hosaka-pki tls ca
hosaka-pki tls server ashpool /etc/ssl/
hosaka-pki tls info
hosaka-pki tls sign /etc/hosaka/pki/ssl/intermediate/csr/ashpool.csr.pem
hosaka-pki tls sign ashpool
hosaka-pki tls check


hosaka-pki ssh ca
hosaka-pki ssh server ashpool poptart,users
hosaka-pki ssh info
hosaka-pki ssh sign ./ahspool.pub