Updated to begin adding the interactive functions
37325529 — poptart 5 months ago
README cleanup
6268c8b0 — terrorbyte 5 months ago
updated the default config to be not specific to my own configuration and some other server functions
2c0bb327 — terrorbyte 5 months ago
added rough layout for the UX
8e4f26e7 — terrorbyte 5 months ago
Added full support for generating CA and Intermediates
d9b43ad4 — terrorbyte 5 months ago
add more core functions and start cleaning up the structure
c88889c4 — terrorbyte 6 months ago
More functions
25cc2d99 — terrorbyte 6 months ago
Started fixing the actual structure. This is actually a real project now
3e7aaa51 — terrorbyte 6 months ago
Screw it, I'll make it a real project
568ad52b — terrorbyte 6 months ago
Add the basic shell script based CA. Needs a ton of testing
76955513 — terrorbyte 6 months ago
Initial gitignore to remove the testing dedcode