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#title: "AUR" description: "My Packages on the Arch User Repository" date: 2021-02-11 type: "post" tags: ['status:released']


This list may be out-of-date. For an up-to-date list of packages look here.


Program Version Description
bbcp[1] A high performance network file copy application
got 0.5.0 CLI-Tool for multithreaded downloads
nyuu 0.4.0 A usenet binary posting tool
otf-operator-mono-lig 2.4.1 Add Ligatures to the infamous Operator Mono Font [2]
parpar 0.3.2 A tool for highspeed parity data generation
rambox-pro 1.5.0 All-in-one workspace browser
screego 1.1.2 A server to set up a screen sharing service
slit 1.3.0 A modern Pager for viewing logs
ttf-font-awesome-pro 5.15.2 Pro version of the famous FontAwesome Icon-Font
yambar 1.6.1 Modular status panel

[1]: I did not decide that [2]: If you have this font, or the original, installed this Website defaults to using them