a motd generator
7d381016 — Moritz Poldrack 2 years ago
basically completed the fileexist module. only needs some more styling
2f614906 — Moritz Poldrack 2 years ago
prepared pacman module for AUR support
e09ff0d3 — Moritz Poldrack 2 years ago
added file module


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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


SIotd (pronounced es eye of the day) – short for SysInfo message Of The Day is intended to allow a quick overview over your system's current state. It is intended to be run regularly to regenerate the /etc/motd file.


These can be enabled using the config.

  • apt, pacman – show package-updates
  • diskusage – show free storage capacity
  • docker – show the state of selected docker containers
  • fail2ban – show fail2ban stats
  • file – show contents of a file
  • fileexists – check that file exists
  • smartd – show blockdevice stats
  • stats – show general system-stats
  • systemd – show the state of selected services and print failed services


The code is Licensed under the GPL-3

Copyright (c) 2020 Moritz Poldrack