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is TOML and it is automatically reloaded and applied on the fly (with a few

Due to the high level of nesting, viewing this document in a texteditor might
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# Chapters

## Root

@@ 150,6 154,44 @@ The text of the notice.

The style of the notice.

# Example

domain = "my-domain.com"
versionrefreshinterval = "5m0s"

  assetdir = "./themes/assets/"
  datadir = "/opt/recter/"
  templatedir = "./themes/very-basic/"

  listenaddr = ""
  socketpath = "/tmp/recter.sock"
  type = "tcp"


    DefaultBranch = "master"
    Description = "The example project is an example that shows how to add a meaningful description to your project.\n\nIf you think that explaining something with itself is a bad way of explaining a thing, feel free to submit a patch. Repetition hammers the point into your head, which is why I repeat everything I say. Having a long text is a plus because long text demonstrates better what happens if you add long text for a description."
    GoSourceFmt = ""
    License = "MIT"
    Redirect = false
    Repo = "https://git.sr.ht/~poldi1405/gomod-recter"
    VCS = "git"
    name = "Example Project"

      Show = true
      Style = "warning"
      Text = "This project is currently looking for a new maintainer. To apply, please reach out to me@my-domain.com"

  address = "https://proxy.golang.org/"
  ignorecert = false

# Footnotes

¹) This option does not apply if Redirect is set to true for the project.