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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


current version docker-pulls gimme-money License


Moving go modules between hosting providers is a hazzle, you have to change the import path, notify your users and do all those tedious things. recter takes this from you.

#So what does it do?

It redirects go to wherever your code actually lives and is able to be easily changed to direct somewhere else if the need arises.

github.com/your-username/some-obscure-wordplay-with-go becomes your.domain.tld/some-project

For an example look no further than to this very project, which is available at mpldr.codes/recter

But wait, there's more! recter also features the following:

  • a simple JSON API to query basic repo information
  • the possibility for a nice portal
  • a sensible docker setup
  • batteries included
  • a small JSON API to query some project information


Documentation can be found on man.sr.ht


recter is Libre Software as defined by the FSF and licensed under the GPL