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Your silver bullet logging solution. Because that is definitely what the world needed: another logging library.

Coverage current Version: v1.0.0 License godocs.io no non-stdlib deps that must be credited*


gLog supports the following features:

  • log-levels
  • smart-colors
  • customization
  • caller-insertion
  • multiple outputs
  • log rotation
  • panic-handling
  • conditionals:
    • output per logging level
    • caller from a certain level
  • sane defaults
#coming soon™:
  • "plug-n-play" log formats


The output follows this structure:

%level:\t%time – %caller – …

%level is coloured by default when logging to stdout or stderr. It can be enabled and disabled at will.

%time is in the ISO-8601 format working with nanosecond precision (if supported)

%caller is the name (format: package.function) of the function that is logging the message. By default, this does not happen for INFO and WARNING.

#Why and not -

I decided to use U+2013 (EN DASH) over a normal U+002D (HYPHEN-MINUS) due to multiple reasons; some of which are:

  • 2D is not at all unlikely to appear in a log-message
  • they look very similar while they can still be distinguished
  • it is also in most fonts used in a terminal
    • if it is not in your's think about changing fonts
  • it allows for easy splitting and processing of logs with tools like cut or awk
  • you don't have to type it by hand anyway


Level Description
TRACE Print everything. This is usually not wanted unless debugging.
DEBUG Print every function call.
INFO Print general status messages like HTTP-Requests (a good default)
WARNING Handled errors. (the better default¹)
ERROR Non-Critical Errors like access denied
FATAL Errors that do not allow the Program to continue

¹) "no news is good news" or so they say


  • Obviously, setting a low loglevel will slow down your program, as the writing is not buffered and getting the caller is relatively expensive
    • using StdOut/StdErr for logging decreases this time because it does not need to write to disk

#Learn more

You can find more information in this project's wiki


glog respects NO_COLOR


Contributions are welcome from anyone. Just send a patchset to ~poldi1405/patches@lists.sr.ht and wait for feedback. For general questions or other communications feel free to drop a message to ~poldi1405/discussion@lists.sr.ht

Updates will be announced here

The changelog can be found here


* the claim 0 external dependencies refers to 0 dependencies that have to be credited. By crediting this package, the crediting for the only external dependency is also fulfilled

© Moritz Poldrack and contributors

gLog is a gun unter the MPL-2.0

To learn more you may:

  • read the license-text here
  • take a look at the official FAQs
  • take a look at a summary at TLDRLegal