My home is my castle
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nvim: add new config
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nvim: remove old config
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foot: fix cursive font


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My home is my castle, and these are the carpets. These are my dotfiles (at least those I didn't forget to add).


Since you probably do not want to use all of my configs, you should just copy what looks useful to you.

#applying all dotfiles anyway

first, you need rcm

then you can run (untested)

git clone https://git.sr.ht/~poldi1405/dotfiles ~/.dotfiles
rcup -B $(cat /etc/hostname)


dependencies are listed with their Archlinux Package-Name


  • ctags – creating autocompletions
  • curl – auto-installing vim-plug
  • git – downloading plugins
  • go – installing vim-go
  • python python-watchdog python-requests python-requests-futures python-bottle clang – YouCompleteMe compilation
  • yarn – vim-prettier plugin


  • antibody – Package Manager


  • advcp – cp/mv with progressbar
  • exa – a modern ls replacement
  • fd – a faster find
  • ripgrep – a faster grep
  • slit - less with filtering