SIP Ping hosts in an OpenSIPS location table with raw sockets
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Adding license
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Adds random callid, send delay, and UDP checksumming.
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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


A replacement for OpenSIPS' built-in OPTIONS ping functionality. Whereas OpenSIPS will only send these pings to users listed in one table, this application allows selecting from any table, provided it has the correct columns.


  • mysql-devel
  • The usual build dependencies (gcc, glibc, kernel-devel)


A makefile is provided. It's one line, but will save you needing to figure out the arguments to pull in libmysqlclient.

Run make within the same directory as the makefile. This will create a binary named sipping_raw. You can place this anywhere, but I would recommend /usr/local/bin.