Bump version to 1.1.0
Mention file size in vc-log
Add FIXME comment to vc-backup--get-real
Add Maintainer tag to package header
Mention that vc-backup is autoloaded
Fix typo in README
Print entire file name in version log
Rename vc-backup--get-read to vc-backup--get-real
Add URL header to repository
Untabify vc-backup.el
Just use a fixnum in vc-backup-diff.
Rename local variables in vc-backup-print-log
Print the user who owns the file
Match backup file using to use file-name-version-regexp
Format vc-backup--list-backup-versions docstring slightly
Update vc-backup--extract-version docstring
Prefix all internal functions and variables with 'vc-backup--'
Add VC API list, and order functions accordinlgy
Use file modification time in version log
Remove superfluous rx requirement