4d46c5eb00d124a6172d30ded79f035195be0652 — Philip Kaludercic 5 months ago 25844e0
Print entire file name in version log
1 files changed, 3 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

M vc-backup.el
M vc-backup.el => vc-backup.el +3 -2
@@ 298,11 298,12 @@ The results are written into BUFFER."
      (insert "Backups for " file "\n\n")
      (dolist (rev (nreverse (vc-backup--list-backup-versions file)))
        (let* ((attr (file-attributes (cdr rev)))
               (base (file-name-nondirectory file))
               (uid (file-attribute-user-id attr))
               (user (or (user-login-name uid) uid))
               (time (file-attribute-modification-time attr))
               (date (format-time-string "%c" time)))
          (insert (format "v%-25s%s (%s)\n" (car rev) date user)))))
          (insert (format "%s%s\t%s (%s)\n" base (car rev) date user)))))
    (goto-char (point-min))
    (forward-line 2))

@@ 316,7 317,7 @@ The results are written into BUFFER."
(define-derived-mode vc-backup-log-view-mode log-view-mode "Backup Log"
  "VC-Log Mode for Backup."
  (setq-local log-view-file-re "\\`Backups for \\(.+\\)$")
  (setq-local log-view-message-re (concat "^v\\(" file-name-version-regexp "\\)")))
  (setq-local log-view-message-re (concat "^.*?\\(" file-name-version-regexp "\\)")))

;; - show-log-entry (revision)