Completion style using typo analysis
Remove unnecessary (require 'inline) call
Fix issue with symbols in collections again
Use 'all-completions' in 'typo-edits'


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#Completion style using typo analysis

Find here the source for typo.el, an Emacs completion style based on "typo analysis", that is to say it adds the suggestion to complete a prompt to the closest string within a bounded number of edits.


Typo.el is avaliable from GNU ELPA. It can be installed by invoking

M-x package-install RET typo RET


Add typo to the end of completion-styles as follows:

(add-to-list 'completion-styles 'typo t)

Adding it to the end is important, so as to make sure that typo analysis (that can frequently be too eager) is only used as a last resort.

Take a look at the typo-level, typo-shrink and typo-expand user options if you find the completion to be too restrictive or invasive.


As typo.el is distributed as part of GNU ELPA, and therefore requires a copyright assignment to the FSF, for all non-trivial code contributions.

#Source code

typo.el is developed on SourceHut.

#Bugs and Patches

Bugs, patches, comments or questions can be submitted to my public inbox.


Typo.el and all other source files in this directory are distributed under the GNU Public License, Version 3 (like Emacs itself).