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slides is a simple program to create postscript slides from simple text files. slides is written in Go, and requires a Go compiler (and no more) to be built using the default build mechanism.

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#slides format

Each slide is described by a series of consequtive, non-empty, lines. Lines starting with # are comments, and will be ignored, while lines with // are escaped lines, which will be printed verbatim. Each line is displayed as such, and will not be reflowed.

Comments are either just text or "command comments", designated with an extra + after the #. These can be used to set fonts or text sizes. All commands are listed and explained in this introductory article to slides.


slides either reads it's file from standard input, or the first command line argument, if given. A postscript definition of all slides is then printed to the standard output.

Asuming my-talk.sl contains the contents of a presentation, which one would like to convert to a PostScript file, one can run

$ slides my-talk.sl > my-talk.ps

or if one wants a PDF version of the same slides, then

$ slides my-talk.sl | ps2pdf - my-talk.pdf

to generate these. This of course requires the ps2pdf programm to be installed, from the GhostScript package.

slides is published under CC0. See LICENSE for more details