Remove deprecated option 'shell-command+-enable-file-substitution'
Use 'shell-quote-argument' where applicable (grep, man)
Do not hard-code glob expansions in tests
Insert two newlines before 'make-separator-line'
Fix %-substitution for remote files

* shell-command+.el (shell-command+-expand-%): Use only the local part
of the filename when substituting.
Simplify the user option type of 'shell-command+-default-region'
Fix "SourceHut" link in README
Add trailing newline to .elpaignore

As recommended by Stefan Monnier.
Ignore test not the actual package
Remove 'shell-command+-expand-%-fmt'
Sharp-quote function symbols when modifying symbol plist

This will trigger a warning if there were to be a typo somewhere.  We
are already doing the same in 'shell-command+-features'.
Add shell-command+-expand-%-fmt as an optional feature
Reduce version bump to 2.4.0

The release does not contain any new functionality, so it shouldn't
warrant a major version bump.
Remove the old "News" section for 2.3.0
Autoload 'shell-command+--make-docstring'

Otherwise the 'function-documentation' property of the
'shell-command+' symbol is pointless.
Ensure that point gets placed after the replaced output