Bump version to 1.2.0
Fix typo in setup-attributes docstring
Add setup-bind macro
Readd and obsolete setup-ensure-kbd and -function

To avoid issues with backwards incompatibility, these functions will
still be distributed but their usage is not advised.
Specify setup indentation explicitly
Explicitly invite contributions to the wiki
Add :ensure key to setup-define
Rewrite setup-make-setter to return a macro function
Add :bind-into macro

The motivation behind adding this macro is to demonstrate how setup
macros can build on other macros.
Revert the indentation spec change for `setup-define'

See d96fb5f and 9f21c4a.
Remove function setup-expand-local-macros
Order news section in descenting order
Fix news section header
Move a few macros to EmacsWiki

The macros (:hide-mode, :advise, :needs, :if-host, :load-from) are
either named suboptimally or don't make real use of setup's
context-sensitivity system to be included in the package itself.
Check for symbol properties to improve context guessing

The symbol properties `setup-mode', `setup-hook' and `setup-map' can
be assigned to feature names and mode definitions. This could allow
package maintainers to improve the usability of their packages with
setup, in case their naming doesn't fit the usual conventions.
Remove setup-wrap-to-demote-errors from setup-modifier-list
Fix (remove ...) setter options
Fix typo in :only-if documentation

Thanks to daviwil on libera.chat for noticing.
Bump version to 1.1.0
Improve documentation of setup-attributes and related functionality