f3b2e0a7fec7952d3773b4c1c81ef5d63c2e3721 — Philip Kaludercic 3 months ago 9782c22
Move a few macros to EmacsWiki

The macros (:hide-mode, :advise, :needs, :if-host, :load-from) are
either named suboptimally or don't make real use of setup's
context-sensitivity system to be included in the package itself.
1 files changed, 2 insertions(+), 45 deletions(-)

M setup.el
M setup.el => setup.el +2 -45
@@ 51,6 51,8 @@
;; - Remove `setup-wrap-to-demote-errors' from `setup-modifier-list'
;; - Let `:with-feature' and `:with-mode' check symbol properties to
;;   improve context-setting guesses.
;; - Move macros :hide-mode, :advise, :needs, :if-host and :load-from
;;   to EmacsWiki.

;;; Code:

@@ 506,14 508,6 @@ therefore not be stored in `custom-set-variables' blocks."
  :debug '(sexp form)
  :repeatable t)

(setup-define :hide-mode
    (lambda ()
      `(setq minor-mode-alist
             (delq (assq ,(setup-get 'mode) minor-mode-alist)
  :documentation "Hide the mode-line lighter of the current mode."
  :after-loaded t)

(setup-define :local-set
    (lambda (name val)

@@ 548,15 542,6 @@ supported:
  :debug '(symbolp sexp)
  :repeatable t)

(setup-define :advise
    (lambda (symbol where function)
      `(advice-add ',symbol ,where ,(setup-ensure-function function)))
  :documentation "Add a piece of advice on a function.
See `advice-add' for more details."
  :after-loaded t
  :debug '(sexp sexp function-form)
  :repeatable t)

(setup-define :also-load
    (lambda (feature)
      `(require ',feature))

@@ 564,13 549,6 @@ See `advice-add' for more details."
  :after-loaded t
  :repeatable t)

(setup-define :needs
    (lambda (executable)
      `(unless (executable-find ,executable)
  :documentation "If EXECUTABLE is not in the path, stop here."
  :repeatable 1)

(setup-define :if-package
    (lambda (package)
      `(unless (package-installed-p ',package)

@@ 591,12 569,6 @@ the first PACKAGE."
  :repeatable t
  :shorthand #'cadr)

(setup-define :if-host
    (lambda (hostname)
      `(unless (string= (system-name) ,hostname)
  :documentation "If HOSTNAME is not the current hostname, stop evaluating form.")

(setup-define :only-if
    (lambda (condition)
      `(unless ,condition

@@ 605,21 577,6 @@ the first PACKAGE."
  :debug '(form)
  :repeatable t)

(setup-define :load-from
    (lambda (path)
      `(let ((path* (expand-file-name ,path)))
         (if (file-exists-p path*)
             (add-to-list 'load-path path*)
  :documentation "Add PATH to load path.
This macro can be used as NAME, and it will replace itself with
the nondirectory part of PATH.
If PATH does not exist, abort the evaluation."
  :shorthand (lambda (args)
                 (directory-file-name (cadr args))))))

(setup-define :file-match
    (lambda (pat)
      `(add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist (cons ,pat ',(setup-get 'mode))))