A 0x0.st client for Emacs
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#0x0 for Emacs

0x0 for Emacs defines a few commands:

  • 0x0-upload will upload the active region or if not existent the entire buffer
  • 0x0-upload-file will upload a selected file
  • 0x0-upload-string will upload a string
  • 0x0-upload-kill-ring uploads the content of the kill ring.
  • 0x0-popup creates and displays a buffer and lets you uploads it contents later.

By default, all these functions default to https://0x0.st as their server of choice, but by customising the variable 0x0-default-host, this can be changed, or by prefixing the above mentioned commands with a prefix argument. A list of servers is to be found in 0x0-services.

Curl will be used to accelerate defaults, if installed. The specific behaviour can be configured using 0x0-use-curl.

See https://github.com/mia-0/0x0 for more details, and consider donating to https://liberapay.com/mia/donate if you like the service.

William Vaughn has taken over the development of this package on Gitlab. I do not intend to further work on this repository.

0x0.el is distributed under the CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication license.