Package for inserting kamoiis (eastern emoticons) in Emacs
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This packages collects and categorises eastern emoticons, called "kaomojis", as to make it easy to insert them into text within Emacs.

All the kaomojis are stored in a secondary file, which should be placed in the same directory as insert-kaomoji.el. The file format itself is described below.

#How to use

Using MELPA and setup, a minimal setup might look something like this:

(setup insert-kaomoji
  (:global "C-x 8 k" insert-kaomoji))

#KAOMOJIS format

The KAOMOJIS file has to use a slightly peculiar format, since usual delimiters such as newlines, tabs, commas, etc. all can appear in a emoticon. For that reason, the format instead uses special ASCII control characters, code 29 to 31.

These designate:

  • 29 (group separator): A category of emoticons ("Happy", "Sad", etc.)
  • 30 (record separator): Divide a category into labels (first part) and content (latter part). Only one record separator is allowed per group.
  • 31 (unit separator): Within the labels part, it separates synonyms, and in the content the single emoticons. Note that all synonyms are stripped of surrounding white spaces, allowing new categories to start on new lines.

Bug reports and patches should be sent to my public inbox.


bang.el is distributed under the CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication license.