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#Per Major-Mode Distortion of Buffer Faces

Find here the source for the Emacs package face-shift. It allows Emacs to shift the appearance of each buffer according to their respective active major modes.

My recommendation is to use no theme when face-shift is in use, to avoid confusion, although it certainly is possible.


Face-shift.el is available from GNU ELPA. It can be installed by invoking

M-x package-install RET face-shift RET


The main entry point is the global minor mode face-shift-mode. It taints all buffers of a certain major mode according to the user option face-shift-shifts.

#Visual Example

Screenshot of an Emacs with face-shift-mode enabled

#Known Issues

  • Due to Emacs' implementation of fringes, it's not possible to shift the colour of the fringe for just one buffer.

Any further bugs, patches, comments or questions can be submitted to my public inbox.


As face-shift.el is distribed as part of GNU ELPA, and therefore requires a copyright assignment to the FSF, for all non-trivial code contributions.


face-shift.el and all other source files in this directory are distributed under the GNU Public License, Version 3 (like Emacs itself).