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#Sources for the ELPA and Emacs Webzine

This is the repository used to maintain the ELPA and Emacs Webzine, a project intent on promoting GNU ELPA and NonGNU ELPA packages, and keeping readers in the loop on what is going on in core Emacs development.

For now the zine is published on my personal website, but that might change in the future.


The organisation of the project revolves around the ~pkal/elpa-zine@lists.sr.ht mailing list. The plan is that new packages and updates are automatically posted to this list, where anyone can propose a contribution to the zine.

Contributions can take the form of

  • Short-ish reviews to add to the zine or links to personal blogs/vlogs,
  • a emacs-devel thread or bug report you wish to highlight, that might be interesting for a general audience,
  • a major package update of a package on GNU or NonGNU ELPA, ideally by someone involved in the development of the package.

#Website structure

The entire thing is just HTML and some <style> blocks in each file. This is intentional to keep everything here simple and retain a distinct style for every published edition of the zine. Nevertheless, contributions can be made in any format that can reasonably be translated into HTML.