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Go into more detail on what Flymake is
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M ecg.lisp
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@@ 512,7 512,12 @@ use of this in Emacs, a package has to be installed.")
    "flymake" "Inline static analysis"
     "To indicates static analysis messages on the fly, use this."
     "To indicates static analysis messages on the fly, enabled this.  Note that
this will just enable the user-interfacing front-end, to display error messages.
Depending on the language mode, you might just get syntax errors highlighted in
a buffer, or when combined with a LSP client (see below) it can also provide
semantic warnings.  In some cases you might not see any warnings, in which case
there would appear to be no back-end providing the information."
     "Note that this package is built-in but can be updated to add new