Emacs Configuration Generator (https://emacs.amodernist.com)
Add hooks into LaTeX-mode-hook not LaTeX-mode-map
Bump assumed default version to 28
Distinguish choice options as in 2732118


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#Emacs Configuration Generator

Find here the source for an Emacs configuration generator website. It is written in Common Lisp, and was tested using SBCL, but is known to work fine with other Lisp implementations as well.

A live instance ought to be available here: https://emacs.amodernist.com/.

#How to start

Using GNU Guix, you can start a server as follows:

guix shell --pure -CN -m manifest.scm -- sbcl --load ecg.lisp --eval "(ecg:start)"

The server HTTP will now be listening for new requests on port 9095.


Questions, issues, complaints, comments, insults, patches, etc. should be sent to public inbox. The code is also mirrored on Codeberg.

#State of testing

The site has been tested (to differing degrees) with the following browsers:

  • GNU IceCat (91.7.0esr)
  • Mozilla Firefox (91.7.0esr)
  • eww (Emacs 29.0.50)
  • netsurf (3.10)
  • Google Chromium (99.0.4844.74)
  • Fennec F-Droid (98.2.0)