Add make-directory-autoloads compatibility function
Removed duplicate compat-file-name-with-extension test definition
Fix compat--proper-list-p-length-signal for non-list sequences
Resolve compat-proper-list-p-1 name conflict

This would prevent both tests from running.
Fix generation of eval-after-load function for deferred code
Remove debugging code from named-let
Handle further TCO edge-cases and add tests

Thanks once more to Mattias Engdegård for recognizing these potential
Add additional TCO tests for named-let
Follow cl--self-tco's handling of cond more closely
Remove unnecessary function declaration
Fix handling of tail-less cond branch

Issue and tests contributed by Mattias Engdegård.
Rewrite TCO for condition-case

Issue and tests contributed by Mattias Engdegård.
Clarify that compat.el has not yet been published
Apply Chris Wellons' eval-after-load workaround
Move require advice to compat-25.1

As currently the only feature that depends on the require advice is
subr-x, and that specifically on version 24.x, we can avoid advising
require in all other cases.

Thank you to Stefan Monnier for pointing this out.
Remove list of untested functions from compat-tests.el
Fix TCO for cond when a condition only had a head
Handle TCO for condition-case
Update .elpaignore
Ensure that compat-maxargs-/= is visible at compile time