Compatibility Library for Emacs Lisp
Fix @end for "@defun make-empty-file" in compat.texi
Add make-empty-file defined in Emacs 27
Fix evaluating after-load-alist for Emacs 24.3



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#COMPATibility Library for Emacs

Find here the source for compat.el, a forwards-compatibility library for (GNU) Emacs Lisp, versions 24.3 and newer.

For information on how to use Compat, please consult the manual. The latest state of development can be found in the snapshot version.


As compat.el is distribed as part of GNU ELPA, and therefore requires a copyright assignment to the FSF, for all non-trivial code contributions.

#Source code

Compat is developed on SourceHut. A restricted GitHub mirror is also provided.

#Bug and patches

Patches and comments can be sent to the development mailing list. Bug reports and issues should be directed to the issue tracker (also accessible via email). GitHub can also be used to submit patches ("Pull Request"). These may include issues in the compatibility code, missing definitions or performance issues.

When contributing, make sure to provide test and use the existing tests defined in compat-test.el. These can be easily executed using the bundled Makefile:

make test


compat.el and all other source files in this directory are distributed under the GNU Public License, Version 3 (like Emacs itself). The manual (compat.texi) is distributed under the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.3.