Add default return value for autocrypt-make-function
Prevent signalling error when get-part is not defined
Reduce minimal version to 24.3
Revert autocrypt-accounts back into a user option
Modify the local hook values in autocrypt-mu4e--uninstall
Rename autocrypt-message--encrypted-p
Add autocrypt-message--remove-header
Update README section on extending autocrypt.el
Transform autocrypt-backends into a hook
Handle autocrypt-do-gossip as advertised
Change mode of save file to emacs-lisp
Revert to custom generic backend system
Update public-inbox URL
Add comments on extending autocrypt.el in the README
Print the autocrypt version into the autocrypt file
Use eql specializers instead of derived-mode specializers
Rename autocrypt-load for Rmail
Suppress message when autocrypt file is modified