37e14c3b92bc88f3f8650bc2efe2e86eb1b87918 — Philip Kaludercic 6 months ago 4f482b2
Handle autocrypt-do-gossip as advertised
1 files changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

M autocrypt.el
M autocrypt.el => autocrypt.el +2 -2
@@ 343,7 343,7 @@ Argument DATE contains the time value of the \"From\" tag."
                        :timestamp date
                        :pubkey keydata
                        :preference preference)))))
    (when autocrypt-do-gossip
    (when (memq autocrypt-do-gossip '(t only-receive))
      (autocrypt-process-gossip date))
    (when (string= from addr)
      (unless (time-less-p date (autocrypt-peer-timestamp peer))

@@ 416,7 416,7 @@ preference (\"prefer-encrypt\")."
  "Find out if the current message should have gossip headers.
Argument RECIPIENTS is a list of addresses this message is
addressed to."
  (and autocrypt-do-gossip
  (and (memq autocrypt-do-gossip '(t only-send))
       (< 1 (length recipients))