Actually restore kilt
Change folder names in build manifest
Update source again :)
Change libcrypto package, update git source url
Add build manifest
Fix spec paths, mark serialization specs pending

Now all specs, exception for serialization ones, should run.
Remove Raze, and restore Kilt

Raze was bringing in Kilt, so the explicit dependency retains it.
Create gmod_checker.cr

This serves as a file to require all the apps code without running the
HTTP server.
Use case in place of if/elsif
crystal tool format :)
Remove module name from log strings
Use new Log module
Move to HTTP::Server from Raze
Change steam id instance to 1
Add a license
Use z64/steam_id (#24)

This replaces our Steam::ID implementation with the faster and more
well-tested library I wrote. I kept our original specs to prove it still
has the same behavior, while documenting the mutations we need to make
for wrong Steam IDs.
Run passing ID serialization specs (#23)

[WIP] Web socket & Stylistic Changes (#11)

* Get the websocket working

* Remove note about using http requests

* Avatar padding & such

* Get the websocket working

* Avatar padding & such

* to_json, steam logo, lenders

* crystal tool format
Add basic logging to Steam::Client, JobController (#9)

Resolve the lenders (#19)

* Send lenders after players

* travis

* Add new struct & change names

* Fix specs