rio /theme: don't redraw windows on riobackcol update
bar: reduce battery read frequency to minutely

No reason to look at the battery constantly. If it's changing every
thirty seconds, there's Problems.
bar: reduce default precision to minutes

No reason to be waking up the CPU every sixty seconds when there's no input.
fossil: import deadlock fix from rmiller
fossil: add version output on startup

It's helpful for debugging to be certain which version
and which patches are running! ☺
venti: remove macos-specific BS
venti/wrarena: overkill performance!

Old data is now processed insanely fast - wrarena will detect fully
synced, sealed arenas immediately, and will exit after reading 1KiB
of data.

New data is also a bit faster - a total ~25-30x uplift over 9front
upstream due to the parallelization and reduction of overhead. Most
of the improvement is just with old data, though.

Since ventis can be synced regularly, this means that it's now fast
enough that they can reasonably be synced every minute instead of every
day, so long as the venti is below about 20TiB of old data.

This is great for backups, but is also nice for enabling entirely new
uses that weren't possible before - I plan on experimenting with an
automated bidirectional file system sync mechanism soon, which will
require *blazing* fast syncs in order to be useful.

That will allow e.g. my Thinkpad to be primarily netbooted off of the
server-side version of the file system, to silently keep that in sync
with the local disk at all times, and to still just disconnected the
ethernet cable and have everything good to go when desired.

More planning is needed, but this is a fantastic base to start from.
venti: printarena doesn't respect fd
fossil: fix a deadlock in the caching logic

I'm not sure why, but blockWrite will sometimes find a block in
the cache that does not need to be written out. In that case,
we would end up not releasing the lock on that block. The next
time any thread attempts to grab that block, it will hang forever.

The dependency block, bb, is fetched via _cacheLocalLookup, which
locks the block and removes it from the free list before returning.
When its iostate is BioClean - that is, when no change has occurred
since the previous flush - we would remove the block as a dependency,
but would never unlock the block and return it to the free lists.
vt: exit immediately when subproc exits
wrarena: even MOAR CLEANING
wrarena: okay but ACTUALLY super clean now!
wrarena: okay but REALLY clean it up
wrarena: clean up fastreadarena
venti/wrarena: 10x performance optimization!
go: add 1.7
integrate grio
factotum: add -x option to disable mounting /srv/cs
/sys/doc: add ants paper
/sys/doc: remove generated files