Add timeout to spin loops for IDE driver
Implement IDE driver and SATA stub
Make pci.Device public
Print ACPICA memory allocations over serial
Don't panic on PS/2 config error
Disable blink
Initialize FPU, print heap size on startup
Cleanup interrupts (move from boatload of inline asm to comptime loop)
Add PS/2 driver to debug info
Incorporate ACPI CA (only tables for now!)
Timer: fix as_ms, implement as_us and as_ns
Require Multiboot magic; don't try printing stack traces without heap
Minor cleanup
Implement have_8042; expose ACPI availability; expose FADT version
Don't print message on unhandled interrupt
Add ISO generation / burn target to Makefile
If using USB Legacy Support, don't initialize PS/2 controller

This fixes the keyboard driver on modern computers using emulated PS/2
Improve keyboard responsiveness
Improve keyboard input handling
Update Zig stdlib (shouldn't need to do this again)