Add timeout to spin loops for IDE driver
Implement IDE driver and SATA stub
Make pci.Device public
Print ACPICA memory allocations over serial
Don't panic on PS/2 config error
Add PS/2 driver to debug info
Disable blink
Initialize FPU, print heap size on startup
Cleanup interrupts (move from boatload of inline asm to comptime loop)
Improve keyboard input handling
Incorporate ACPI CA (only tables for now!)
Timer: fix as_ms, implement as_us and as_ns
Require Multiboot magic; don't try printing stack traces without heap
Minor cleanup
Implement have_8042; expose ACPI availability; expose FADT version
Don't print message on unhandled interrupt
Add ISO generation / burn target to Makefile
If using USB Legacy Support, don't initialize PS/2 controller

This fixes the keyboard driver on modern computers using emulated PS/2
Improve keyboard responsiveness