Is this an http server?
Fix a linux-specific bug in the kql layer and add http header support
Fix some silly mistakes
Implemented all the cool stuffs, with a config and shit.


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#LOLttp - A stupid simple HTTP server

LOLttp is a http "server" which can serve a single file at blazing fast speeds (TODO: avx, neon, multithreading)


Because I felt like it, and also i thought it would be kinda cool.


Are you on x86_64 or aarch64, linux or macos? . Then you can use the CI builds available here: builds.sr.ht status. The linux binaries are fully static, and don't need any new fancy features.

If not, just build it with cc lolhttpd.c -o lolhttpd. It's that easy!


$ echo "Hello!" >file.txt # Create the file

$ cat >lolhttpd.conf <<<EOF
[http] httpd :8008 {
	if_url "/" reply {
		status 200
		text "Hello, HTTP!"
	reply {
		status 404
		text "404 Not found!"
[gopher] gopherd :7007 {
	if_url "/" text "Hello, gopher!"
	text "File not found!"
$ lolhttpd lolhttpd.conf # Run lolhttpd with the above config
[http] listening on port 8008
[gopher] listening on port 7007

# In another terminal
$ curl http://localhost:8008
Hello, HTTP!
$ curl http://localhost:8008/1/404
404 Not found!
$ curl gopher://localhost:7007
Hello, gopher!