Update Debian/Ubuntu instructions
2f1eb998 — Pistos 10 months ago
Update changelog re: Ruby 3.2
0da9103c — Pistos 10 months ago
Use #exist? rather than deprecated #exists?
9d923f79 — Pistos 11 months ago
Add parenthesis characters to Javascript indenters
Sort within FuzzyFileFinder (optionally) rather than outside
Bump dependency versions
Load extension configuration
Add session dir to About information
Bump version and modification date
Inform user which directories are contributing to overloading the fuzzy file finder
Change missed MIT references to GPL3
36d22f65 — Pistos 2 years ago
Reference SourceHut's issue tracker
8b8cba97 — Pistos 2 years ago
Update README because gem installation is now viable
5c99437d — Pistos 2 years ago
Make executable Ruby gem
ea65d2e7 — Pistos 2 years ago
Remove conf download

because we can't easily download over https
d45c0512 — Pistos 2 years ago
Change some github references to sourcehut
c65be072 — Pistos 2 years ago
Really remove Travis references
85fc33d7 — Pistos 2 years ago
Remove Travis config and references
8cb91ca4 — Pistos 2 years ago
Update Ruby versions in Travis config