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While you're at it, move the current gpg directory to the desired location `mv ~/.gnupg $GNUPGHOME`.

### Himalaya
Himalaya is a handy command line IMAP/SMTP tool. The required configuration file has the following format:
name = "<your name here>"
downloads-dir="<download dir here>"
signature-delimiter = "-- \n"
signature="<your name here>"
notify-cmd = "notify-send -i telegram-panel '<sender>' '<subject>'"

default = true
email = "<email address here>"

smtp-host = "<smtp server address here>"
smtp-port = 587
smtp-login = "<email address here>"
smtp-passwd-cmd = "gpg -d <your home directory>/.config/himalaya/pass.gpg"

imap-host = "<imap server address here>"
imap-port = 993
imap-login = "<email address here>"
imap-passwd-cmd = "gpg -d <your home directory>/.config/himalaya/pass.gpg"

Prepare the password file

echo "<password here>" > ~/.config/himalaya/passw`
gpg -e ~/.config/himalaya/passw
rm ~/.config/himalaya/passw

## GUI programs

Some GUI programs choose to keep absolutely everything in their config files - including useless stuff like last window