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@@ 240,25 240,6 @@ Log into Spotify and go to _"Settings"_. You may encounter some glitches with dr
a cursor on them and hit "Enter". Change _"Streaming quality"_ to _"Very high"_, disable _"Normalize volume"_,
_"Autoplay"_ and _"Show desktop notifications when song changes"_.

### Mousepad

Mousepad is a simple GUI text editor, which doesn't get much use. Nevertheless, ensure the following options are ticked
in the appropriate menus under _"Preferences"_:

1. **_"View"_**
   - _"Highlight current line"_
   - _"Highlight matching brackets"_
   - _"Font: JetBrains Mono NL Medium 11"_
   - _"Color scheme: Tango"_
2. **_"Editor"_**
   - _"Tab width: 4"_
   - _"Tab mode: Insert Spaces"_
   - _"Enable automatic indentation"_
   - _"Backspace: Delete indent spaces as tabs"_
3. **_"Window"_**
   - _"Client-side decorations"_ - **disabled**
   - _"Open files in: new windows"_

## Desktop files

The `~/.local/share/applications` directory contains a local database of desktop entries for rofi and mime-type