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@@ 81,6 81,7 @@ In order to utilize the HHKB's power key to show the power menu the logind confi


@@ 188,6 189,7 @@ Himalaya is a handy command line IMAP/SMTP tool. The required configuration file

name = "<your name here>"
downloads-dir="<download dir here>"
signature-delimiter = "-- \n"

@@ 212,7 214,7 @@ imap-passwd-cmd = "gpg -d <your home directory>/.config/himalaya/pass.gpg"
Prepare the password file

echo "<password here>" > ~/.config/himalaya/passw`
echo "<your password here>" > ~/.config/himalaya/passw
gpg -e ~/.config/himalaya/passw
rm ~/.config/himalaya/passw

@@ 277,12 279,6 @@ perform the following steps:
Redirector config is available in `~/.config/redirector.json` and can be imported in
the extension settings. Same with the BTTV config in `~/.config/bttv.json`.

### Spotify

Log into Spotify and go to _"Settings"_. You may encounter some glitches with drop-down menus. Instead of clicking place
a cursor on them and hit "Enter". Change _"Streaming quality"_ to _"Very high"_, disable _"Normalize volume"_,
_"Autoplay"_ and _"Show desktop notifications when song changes"_.

## Desktop files

The `~/.local/share/applications` directory contains a local database of desktop entries for rofi and mime-type