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The others should be enabled by default after installing the dotfiles.

### Thunar
Unpin all folders from *"Places"* in sidebar and pin the ones you actually want and ensure the following
options are ticked:
Ensure the following options are ticked under *"Prefernces"*:

- *"Draw frames around thumbnails"*
- *"Date format: ISO8601"*

@@ 210,9 209,23 @@ Log into Spotify and go to _"Settings"_. You may encounter some glitches with dr
a cursor on them and hit "Enter".  Change *"Streaming quality"* to *"Very high"*, disable *"Normalize volume"*,
*"Autoplay"* and *"Show desktop notifications when song changes"*.

### Leafpad
The only thing to do here is to set the font to *"JetBrains Mono Medium 11"* under *"Options"*. Leafpad is a Notepad clone
that is note very feature rich, as there are literally 3 entries under *"Options"*. Don't get overwhelmed.
### Mousepad
Mousepad is a simple GUI text editor, which doesn't get much use. Nevertheless, ensure the following options are ticked
in the appropriate menus under *"Preferences"*:

1. ***"View"***
- *"Highlight current line"*
- *"Highlight matching brackets"*
- *"Font: JetBrains Mono NL Medium 11"*
- *"Color scheme: Tango"*
2. ***"Editor"***
- *"Tab width: 4"*
- *"Tab mode: Insert Spaces"*
- *"Enable automatic indentation"*
- *"Backspace: Delete indent spaces as tabs"*
3. ***"Window"***
- *"Client-side decorations"* - **disabled**
- *"Open files in: new windows"*

## Desktop files
The `~/.local/share/applications` directory contains a local database of desktop entries for rofi and mime-type