A set of tools for creating and manipulating complex networks
Add one more common path length test
Data analysis for source
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This is the source code repository for the library I have developed working on my engineer's thesis:

The impact of hidden links in a complex network on the efficiency of the information source location

It comprises a set of tools for creating, manipulating and inspecting the properties of complex networks. Some features include: the implementation of the Erdos-Renyi and Barabási-Albert models of a complex network as well as the Pinto and Pearson algorithms for finding the diffusion source.

See the docs.rs documentation for details.


My past use cases can be found in their respective directories under ./examples.

Each example is acompanied with a Jupyter Notebook, which contains my analysis. These notebook are kept as plain *.py files in "percent" format and can be used via Jupytext