S. Korea


Hi! I'm pnn (pierre - peter - nn), a french software engineer living in S. Korea.

You can get my pgp key or contact me in EN/KOR/FR via mail.

I try to maintain some social media presence on the fediverse.

Projects not on sourcehut:

  • [FR, Python, JS] adprip, a script to scrap governmental data and display them to citizens in a concise way. It has been featured in a lot of newspapers.
  • [EN, Go] gobitmex a minimalist library for bitmex. It's well tested and I use it daily.
  • some FOSS contribs on my github


reddit bot : "On dit pain au chocolat, pas chocolatine"


areyoucsw.com source code


ncurse GUI to help you edit you git commit history


npm package to do bitcoin file archaelogy


a fork of ripgrep to be used with hyperscan


bunch of python scripts to switch from twitter to the fediverse


harness the power of hyperscan on the cli with ripgrep


aoc 2019 intcode (fast?) answers in rust