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multiple commands, redirection, and quotes
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M .aka
M .aka => .aka +2 -0
@@ 1,2 1,4 @@
alias demo='git'
alias l='ls -f'
alias redir_example='echo "hi" > log.txt'
alias double_date='date ; date'

@@ 112,6 112,21 @@ Initial prototype uses aliases, which may not work for programs that depend on
establishing their behavior based on the `argv[0]` name they were called by
(busybox, for example).

If you want to create aliases that include quotes, multiple commands, output
redirection, or job control, you either have to escape the special characters
like `>` and `&` with backslashes when creating the alias, or edit `.aka` file
to add them directly in there:

    $ aka alias redir_example echo \"hi\" \> log.txt
    $ aka alias double_date date \;  date

In the example above, if we don't put a backslash in front of the semicolon, we
will be terminating our aka alias for double_date with just one call do date,
and calling the second date command immediately.

And finally, aka stores the aliases using single quotes, so if you have
commands where you need to preserve single quotes, you should edit the `.aka`
file by hand to change the alias definition to use double quotes.

## Ideas